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Antimagic Field debate

The characters have come across a demilich and the scant rules basically leave it up to the DM to “fill in the blanks”.

A cursory search of this subject on the internet brings multiple blogs and controversy regarding the antimagic field spell. This controversy is not likely to end soon. However, in relation to our campaign the following facts I find very important:

1. The spell description itself says that corporeal undead are unaffected by the spell but that their spell-like or supernatural abilities MAY be TEMPORARILY nullified by the field. This alone could be used as support for the demilich being unaffected.

2. In conflict with Kevin’s comments, the antimagic spell description clearly states that artifacts and deities are UNAFFECTED by mortal magic. (I don’t mean to imply that the demilich is a deity, but he is markedly closer to it than the party. It seems unlikely that a lich who has existed for millenia and learned arcane magics over the centuries would be foiled by any wizard who happens to be able to cast a 6th level abjuration spell.)

3. Wizards of the Coast made a 3.5 update booklet ( for the Epic Level Handbook, and the demilich’s (and epic golems) magic immunity was never changed. Its possible that they were left that way on purpose. They had the chance to change it, but didn’t.

4. Page 174 of the Player’s Handbook, under the heading “Level” states:

“The next line of a spell description gives the spell’s level, a number between 0 and 9 that defines the spell’s relative power.”

There are circumstances where a lower level spell can affect or eliminate a higher level spell but this is usually specified in the spell description (such as how a Wall of Force (a 5th level spell) affects Antimagic Field (a 6th level spell). As a rule though, spell level is the mechanic that helps us know what spells are more powerful than others. If not, then the term “Level” loses all meaning.

The only exception to this would be if the spell were metamagically heightened. This would effectively increase the level and thereby power of the spell.

So, perhaps a good middle ground could be formulated from this.

Regardless, since I made the mistake of stealing the soul of an undead, namely Ganondorf, (as you know, I begin to get loopy after midnight) the game will begin again with the dwarf in the room alone with the lich.

Welcome to the plane of Concordant Opposition
Campaign blog

Your high level evil party finished their conversation with the monks of the Celestial Dragon in their temple and found out that:

A: The monks follow their beloved Celestial Dragon
B: The Celestial Dragon is a representative of the dragon Teronus who in turn worships Tharizdun.
C: The Grand Master of Flowers must be insane.
D. There were obvious trinkets of value that beg to be pilfered in the monk’s temple.
E. In the distant past there were eight gems set by the “evil” god Anu that are being actively targeted for destruction by dragon hoards in the Sea of Dust. These same hoards are being directed somehow by Teronus.

After delving deeper “below” the Temple of the Celestial Dragon the party came across 8 polymorphed individuals. One of these individuals was a venerable (though she did not appear to be) elf paladin named Penelope. From her the party learned that the gems set by Anu were originally meant to keep one of three parts of the Tripartite Artifact of All Evil from being molested. These three parts, known collectively as the Theorparts, are believed to unlock the Prison of the god Tharizdun.

The party was led to another entrance via a ladder to another level below the Monks domain. Here, you have found treasure,


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